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Meal Time Payment Instructions.
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Meal Time Payment Instructions.
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MealTime Just Got Easier!


Welcome! Your school district has chosen MealTime Online to provide the opportunity for you to make credit card deposits into your student's cafeteria account or view your student's purchase history via the internet. Your district may also choose to accept online payments for other school fees such as sport or club fees.

 To Use MealTime Online:

 Visit your school or school district web site and locate the link to the school nutrition page. Find the link to online payments which will take you to MealTime Online.

 Or go directly to:

 Step 1: Create a MealTime Online profile. Click on the "Create new profile" link and create a Username and Password that you will use to login to MealTime Online. The Username and Password must be at least 6 characters. For example, Username: jsmith Password: pty845.

 Step 2: Add your student. Login to your MealTime Online account (using the Username and Password that you created in Step 1. Click on “Meal Account Deposits” then click the "Add New Student" link and add your student by entering their First Name only and their Student ID number.

 Step 3: Make a Deposit. Click the "Make Deposit" link to make a deposit into a school account. There is a web site transaction fee for making deposits.

Click the "View Details" link next to your student's name to view their cafeteria account balance and purchase history.


 Online deposits are retrieved and added to your student’s balance at their school every 5 minutes. Student information, such as purchase history and their current cafeteria account balance are updated on the web site every 4 hours.



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